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When i look into your eyes
I know i have found the mirror
of my own soul

You are every reason,
every hope and every dream I’ve ever had

Every time i see you
I fall in love all over again

Love is sweet when it's new,
but sweeter when it's true

I am in love with every moment That I spent with you

Fall in love with someone
who deserve your heart not
someone who plays with it.

कहा मिलेगा तुम्हे मुझ जैसा कोई
जो तुम्हारे सितम भी सहे
और तुमसे मोहब्बत भी करे!

everyday I make a wish, just to be with you forever

Some people make music together And some are music together

Wo Krishna hai use sabka hona hai, Mein radha hu mujhe bas uski rehna hai

लोग सूरत पर मरते हैं जनाब, हमें तो आपकी आवाज़ से भी इश्क़ है

if forever does exist, please let it be you

you are a blessing in my life

thank you for reminding me, what butterflies feel like

मै ख़ुशी तलाश कर रहा था और तुम मिल गए

no matter how far you are, your are always in my dreams

kitna pyaar karte hai tumse ye kehna nahi aata, bas etna jante hai ki bina tumhare rehna nahi aata

your eyes stole all my words away

Happy Teddy Day...

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