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A ringtone or ring tone is the sound emitted by a mobile phone, indicating that the phone at the recipient's end is ringing. Ringtones are customizable and user can set according to his/her requirement. Here at loverays.com we have large collection of ringtones categorized based on category, movie, year, tags etc.

Download the ringtones and set according to your requirement. You can choose from latest ringtones, popular ringtones, old ringtones, taking you to your favourite zone every time your phone rings. Be wise while choosing ringtone as it defines your style and personality. Before choosing ringtone make sure that your ringtone does not irritate or freak out people around you.

very super tone ever
likhe jo khat tujhe
kaun tujhe ms dhoni
jeene laga hoon love
love tone (1)
most romantic
Tu Aashiqui
kehta hai pal pal
Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya
Mar Jayian (Romantic)

From Movie: Vicky Donor

love ringtone Instrumental Dheere Dheere
Mujhe Kaise Pata Na Chala
Tere Liye
i love you
let me love you (2)
love instrumental
Dekhte hi tumse pyaar hogya
i miss you
sounds of love
ha ho gayi galti
love ringtone Baarish Keyboard Music
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Musical Delight: Listen and Download Ringtones
Ringtones can be termed as a form of melodious sound a cell phone makes when an incoming call or message arrives. Since these mobile phones are significantly more sophisticated and stylish as compared to the landline phones, ringtones can be personalized to suit the owner's personal taste. A wide variety of ringtones have appealed to consumers, increasing the handset’s sale ability.
Music listeners can download ringtones choosing from a wide variety of songs available.
The ringtone craze started in Finland back in 1998 with a monophonic commercial ringtone service called Harmonium. The huge popularity of ringtones had quickly spread throughout Europe and then into Asia. The U.S. was late to catch hold of this ringtone craze. However, today the U.S. is one of the fastest growing consumer ringtone markets in the world.
Downloading free music ringtone is an easier and a cheaper method for the listeners. An audience who does not wish to invest money in getting the latest ringtone for their mobile devices can easily download ringtones for free.
In 2004, the international gross receipts for custom ringtone sales were somewhere over $4 billion dollars. And one can only assume that number has risen dramatically since then.
While these figures are astonishing they only represent about a tenth of the overall music sales receipts for the world. This means that ringtones have some fast growing room. And the music industry is pushing to raise both their overall music sales and their ringtone sales.
Ringtones are popular in a variety of demographics. An estimated major fraction of the total sales for personalized ringtones is being made from the youth or the teenagers. Having said that, there are also the mid aged music lovers that choose from a wide variety of sad ringtones or instrumental ringtones of old songs. This sales trend most likely is due to the custom ringtones that a now play real music clips from some of the most popular musical artists.
Demand and liking towards the instrumental music is also vital and ever growing.
Why use Mobile Ringtones?
There are few of the reasons for which consumers attempt to use distinct ringtones:

  • Distinguish Callers - First of all, advanced feature sets allow for different sounds to signify different callers.
  • Identification - Secondly, when you are in a meeting and phone rings. Identifying it with the ringtone used, you will know if it’s yours without having to look.
  • Fun - Lastly, let’s face, having a cell phone with personality and character is appealing to general consumers.

To use a distinctive ringtone one must download ringtones of various latest songs. Users can even opt for instrumental music from the custom collection. Free music ringtones are also available.
Ringtone - The audible sound made by a telephone to announce that a call/text is coming in. The frequency of the traditional ringtone was in the 440-480 Hz range. But as cell phone usage grew, it became obvious that ringtone differentiation would become important. Modern era cell phones support a wide frequency range that allows for several bars of music to be played by the mobile owners. Phones come with a selection of built-in ringtones, but who wants to settle for default mobile ringtones.
Ringtones have become a style statement, providing another mode of self-expression.

Types of Ringtones
There are mainly two different types of ringtones: monophonic ringtones and polyphonic ringtones.
Monophonic Ringtones
Monophonic ringtones are nothing but simple tones, most commonly compatible with today's cell phones. The majority of mobile phones can only make a single tone at a time. This type of ringtone comprises a series of sequential tones at different frequencies.
Polyphonic Ringtones
Polyphonic ringtones are played on mobile phones that have the capability of playing up to 16 separate tones at once. The combination of tones creates a harmonic melody. Polyphonic ringtones are comparatively more musical than a monophonic ringtone. Newer phones support polyphonic ringtones. It is expected that the future cell phones will be capable of producing musical ringtones of CD quality.
With the various options available for mp3 ringtones download wherein listeners get can have their hands on ringtones free download, and free music ringtones. Every music lover would probably own many different types of ringtones.
MP3 has become dominant as a ringtone format because it supports voice. MIDI and Nokia's RTTTL (Ringing Tones Text Transfer Language) formats are used for these types of ringtones, but for music purpose only. Depending on the phone and format, ringtones can be sent via text messages, but there is no standard for ringtone transfer for all phones and services.
A time has reached now that you can even identify the personality and character of the person according to the ringtone that person uses.
Ringtones: A Way of Expressing
Ringtones are a fun thing to change on your mobile phones, and there are a lot of different ringtone options that you have control over. But if you are kind of bored with the default ringtones and want to get a custom one than you may be wondering how to download ringtones and use it on your mobile phone.
There are various ways you can look for free music ringtone of any popular songs that are trending and select it as either your default ringtone for all the calls/text messages or customize it for specific callers.
These ringtones can be widely used for alerting any incoming phone calls or text messages, alarms or the countdown timer. Since, it is possible to use them as alert sounds, thereby providing a semi-official way to customize the sound of Voicemail, SMS/MMS, Mail, Calendar and Reminders alerts.

Musical Delight: Ringtones
Ringtones, of course, are little 30-second snippets from pop songs that play on your cell phone when somebody calls. If you're like most of the people, you probably don't think too much about your Smartphone’s ringtone. After all, it came with the phone when you got it. Plus, it surprisingly does what it's supposed to do when enabled in your mobile phone. When your phone rings, you hear it and you answer it.
But one does probably experience that abrupt feeling when your ringtone's shrill sound is disruptive, not helpful. You might be sleeping, or in a meeting at work, or in line at the grocery store when your phone starts blaring.
To prevent that from happening give yourself a delight to hear some soulful instrumental music or any latest ringtone. Simply download ringtones from a huge list of your favorite songs. Ringtones appear unpredictably. They are interpreted by dynamic audiences, and also establish stages upon which cultural meanings are portrayed.
We will argue that the musical ringtone functions as a musical Madeleine in Marcel Proust's sense, an involuntary mnemonic trigger of a complex web of individual and collective memories.
Having this quality, the ringtone lends itself perfectly to the performative manifestation and display of (sub) cultural identities in the public sphere.
At its broadest, a general assertion is the development of the ringtone is a powerful lens through which we might clearly view some dynamics of present day capitalist cultural production, also including the development of new economies and a long–term shift in global productive dominance.
These ringtones are also a benchmark for the cultural phenomenon that demonstrates a high degree of popularity and is undergoing rapid transformation. Hence, it’s short, continuing lifetime already needs to be assessed historically.

Ringtones define your personality.
You hear them everywhere. Ringtones or the specialized melodious sounds used to alert mobile phone owners that someone is calling them, are liable to sound in an acceptable way in modernized public, and private space. Their unmistakable, ubiquitous presence is found on streets and sidewalks, in offices and workplaces, or in buses, trains, subways, and cars; may be in shops and malls; at times in schools and public buildings; or in concert halls and performance spaces; in parks and outdoor areas, and in home and place of residence — houses, apartments, condominiums, dormitories, trailers, hotels. As some researchers have noted, cellular telephones are becoming a central feature in popular music and everyday sonic experience.
Theses ringtones free download is easily available wherein a variety of latest ringtones and songs are accessible for the audience to listen to and dwell in the delightful experience music offers.
Easy download of mobile ringtones not only allow the cell phone owner to choose a different ringtone for its phone but also makes the owner stand out of the crowd. And all this at no costs. Ringtones free download has given mobile owners great open chance to explore the world of ringtones and select the best suited ringtones as per their own choices or recommendations.

Era of Ringtones
How did the ringtones transform from a functional component on a mobile phone into a device for playing back music? For numerous expected possible reasons that could exist, such as the increasing presence of confusing (and ostensibly irritating) cell phone rings in public and, more significantly, mobile handset designers development of a novelty technology, during the mid–late 1990s mobile phone manufacturers began to include simple sound effects (or monophonic ringtones) as preset options for their phones.
With the huge growth in global mobile telephony in those years, particularly in Europe and Asia, cell phone manufacturers began to include different features on the handsets that would encourage phone customization. As a result, soon companies like Nokia introduced phones that could play newly uploaded ringtones. As per the records, Nokia designed the ringtone by encoding it through a previously developed variant of the messaging system called Short Messaging Service (SMS) — the same system now used worldwide to send text messages.
Soon, this phenomenon was much talked about and widespread in Europe and Asia, with the United States market developing a few year behind.

History of Ringtones
By the year 2000, mobile phone manufacturers had developed and mass–marketed a polyphonic ringtone capacity, or the ability to make multiple, relatively sophisticated sounds at once rather than a single beeping melody.
Contrary to the way of working in monophonic ringtones, which only use the simple text languages to encode basic melodies or sound effects, polyphonic ringtones involved sending an encoded set of instructions to an in–built synthesizer using one of many variants of the Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) protocol.
Polyphonic ringtones produce music straddling a fine line between video game music and elevator music. Effectively, this is instrumental music, because the phone’s synthesizer cannot accurately produce the sound of human voices. Since its appearance approximately around four years ago, the polyphonic ringtone has spread steadily, and has now all but replaced the monophonic ringtone. Whereas in November 2000 only 9.2 percent of handsets worldwide could produce polyphone ringtones, by November 2003 66.1 percent had this capacity, according to a survey conducted by the NPD Group and have grown for the next years as well.
Having said that about the ringtones, if we talk about the present era. To download ringtones is an easy task which is easily accessible and readily available for the subjected onlookers.
Mp3 ringtones download along with very many songs ringtones gives mobile users to choose option as in how they want their personality to be looked on by different people around them. People who would hear the selected ringtone loud enough to judge the mobile owner’s personality.
The technology of ringtones was essentially conceived as a novelty. But now the young consumers creatively use ringtones and similar mobile entertainments to “personalize” their phones.
There are numerous ways in which the youths strove to make their ringtones unique.
Ringtones now and forever
Thus, the ceaseless appearance of new gadgets and devices on phones (from screen “wallpaper” to video games to cameras to video recorders to the newly touted “ringtones”) is driven by that familiar dialectic of youth consumption desires and consumer marketing strategy, in this case of the mobile industry. The meeting point of these two forces results in the increased consumption of both new handsets and mobile entertainment files, latter of which are provided by mobile entertainment companies and, in the case of the newest ringtones, there are many mp3 ringtones download options available on the website.
Listeners, can even download ringtones as per their choice of genre and songs. Ringtones of many trending songs are available for the music lovers wherein they get a wide variety of options to choose from.

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