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Love is just a profit and loss game

There was a girl whom I met when I went to college; she became my best friend, and we fell in love. We were together for seven years and had a clear idea that we were soulmates that had to get married. So, in 2014, her parents were looking for a guy. She told me that she wanted to break up with me because her parents didn't agree for us to get married, which was due to certain prejudices. I was disheartened; I loved her too much to let her go, and I couldn't believe how she couldn't even try. We had fought several times for a few months. One night, after a big fight, I gave up. I told her that I would never contact her again. It was her birthday a few days later. She called me for the next few days, but I decided that I would not talk to her no matter what; she said things that broke my heart. I received a text from her that her parents had agreed to meet me and that was her birthday present. I didn't believe her, and I was too numb to react. She contacted me through mutual friends, and we talked. Things were sorted out. Her parents agreed with us getting married. I was thrilled, and so was she.

We got married in October 2015. That was the happiest day of my life as my dream came true. I loved her immensely. I wasn't feeling well a few days before getting married. So after the wedding, I went to the doctor, and three days later I found out that I had a massive kidney failure and required dialysis immediately. It was chronic kidney disease stage 5, and I needed a transplant or dialysis to survive. I left her at her parents' place next day and went for dialysis as her parents' house was nearby.

Now, something happened that wasn't just a problem but a rude awakening for me.

She never came back. She called me for a day or two, and when I asked her to come back, she denied. She accused me that I knew everything about my medical condition and concealed it from her. Her parents made the same accusations, and they asked for a divorce. Now, I wondered why she couldn't be with me, even when nobody could stop her, as she was my wife. I told her at the very beginning that I just wanted one thing from her, and that was her support when there was nobody by my side. She said that she couldn't spend her life being my maid tending to me, while it was nothing like that, as a person gets normal after a transplant. I understand that she thought about herself and wanted to move on, but I just wanted the truth, not the accusations. I wanted her to say it to my face that she was just thinking of herself.

Well, I have been on dialysis since then, and I'm scheduled for a transplant in July. I officially got divorced as I communicated it to her a few months back, but her parents filed a case for money compensation. I saw her today and saw no regrets in her eyes for what she did. I regret that I married someone so mean and selfish. I wish I had married someone who had loved me truly and stayed by my side through my hard times.

This is an awakening that I had from the illusion that love is not real when people show it to be. It's just a profit and loss game for some.




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