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Very Sad Song- Sad Ringtone
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Sad Love Ringtones 034 broken heart- Sad Ringtone
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Sad Love Ringtones 024 best romantic tone- Sad Ringtone
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Mere Dil Ko Tere Dil ko Zaroorat hai- Sad Ringtone
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Vilen Ek Raat- Sad Ringtone
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Dard Dilo Ke Kam ho jate- Sad Ringtone
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Sad Love Ringtones - sad violin- Sad Ringtone
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sar jhukaye main sochta hoon- Sad Ringtone
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Sad Love Ringtones - most painful- Sad Ringtone
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Adhi Adhi Raat- Sad Ringtone
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Sad Love Ringtones 057 sad solo- Sad Ringtone
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Sad Love Ringtones 028 i miss happy rika- Sad Ringtone
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Tera Zikr- Sad Ringtone
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Aaya Na Ringtone, Tu Arjun Kanungo, Momina Mustehsan- Sad Ringtone
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Sad Love Ringtones -fast and sad- Sad Ringtone
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Sad Love Ringtones 059 sad song- Sad Ringtone
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Sad Love Ringtones - naruto trap remix- Sad Ringtone
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Sad Love Ringtones 026 balloras waltz- Sad Ringtone
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Rote rote yuhi raat guzar jati hai- Sad Ringtone
Download Sad Ringtone
Ishq Na Karna- Sad Ringtone
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Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya- Sad Ringtone
Download Sad Ringtone
Sad Love Ringtones-3- Sad Ringtone
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Piano Ringtone - Sad Ringtone
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Sad Love Ringtones 029 dettlaffs grief- Sad Ringtone
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Sad Love Ringtones - sentimental flute- Sad Ringtone
Download Sad Ringtone
Mujhe yaad krooge- Sad Ringtone
Download Sad Ringtone
Tujhe Bhula Diya-sad- Sad Ringtone
Download Sad Ringtone
teri yaadon mein-sad- Sad Ringtone
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sad love romantic (1)- Sad Ringtone
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Sad Love Ringtones-4- Sad Ringtone
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Express yourself through Sad Ringtones and Sad Songs

"From the telephones of the 1870s to the touch tone phones of the 1960s, all the way up to today’s Smart mobile phones that boast technology well beyond anything that Alexander Graham Bell could have imagined - Now every phone makes a sound."
Today, there is a ringing mobile everywhere you go. It might be any public place, office, or anywhere roadside. Different mobile phone ringtones shall draw your attention every time.
As mentioned on Wikipedia, a ringtone or ring tone is the sound made to indicate an incoming call or text message.
More than that, Ringtones are a trait of your personality. Whenever someone's phone rings in public and if it’s a custom ringtone or even a default ringtone of the handset. People start judging you through it.
They can easily pick up on such small things to understand your personality and you are liking towards entertainment and music. There are many sad instrumental ringtones trending these days and listeners can download free ringtones for mobile phones.
You can Download Sad Ringtones for mobile and set according to your requirement like mobile ringtone, message tone or notification alert ringtone. These ringtones are suitable for all kinds of Mobile phones.
The next time someone interrupts a meeting with a bleating mobile phone ring, listen carefully. A person with a specific choice of ringtone might speak volumes about his or her personality.
Ringtones list gets regularly updated and various new sad music ringtones are available. Listeners can download free ringtones.

How does your ringtone reflect your personality?

"Ringtones are an opportunity to express yourself."
Research also indicates that people do judge mobile users based on their ringtone.
Years ago, our ears were have become used to the "ring...ring..." tone of the telephone.  But after the arrival of the mobile phones, each one of us is having new tones, theme music or songs as ringtones in our mobile phone.
One of the great things about having your smartphone is being able to personalize it. That means choosing your personal ringtone.
Some people set separate ringtones for family, friends, colleagues, and relatives. Every mobile phone has default ringtones but not everyone uses that default ringtone.
With the ringtone era catching up with a mobile phone users today, there is a strong need to personalize the ringtones to reflect the style and personality of the user.
Yes, ringtones have become a vital fashion statement, and unique lifestyle indicator.
To find ringtones that you like you can go through the new sad ringtones for mobile as well as enriched old song sad ringtone free download options with a simple download free ringtones options available.
It's no longer just the mobile phone manufacturer, model number, and physical features of the phone that does the trick. The ringtone has become an indispensable part of the package that is a subtle expression of the user's taste and personality.
Ringtones divulge the user's persona, set the mood, and become instrumental in distinguishing the user from the crowd.
As our mobile phones have become fancier and more technologically advanced. More people are taking advantage of ever-evolving mobile applications, ringtones included!
Uniqueness of Sad Ringtones
Music is a ubiquitous phenomenon in human culture, mostly due to its power to evoke and regulate emotions. Especially, when we talk about sad song ringtone female. One can download lots of sad music ringtones for free.
Often some people listens to music to shift their mood. While others do so to alleviate feelings of depression, unhappiness, or emotional discomfort.
We often regulate our mood by listening to our music of choice. Mostly, people tend to listen to cheerful music when they want to improve their mood. This is because the specific qualities contained in the sad mp3 ringtones amuse the listener and improve their emotional state.
With this in mind, why do we listen to sad songs?
We will seek to answer this question using a psychological approach. 
Is it reasonable to assume that sad songs (or sad instrumental ringtone) would evoke sadness in listeners? As we tap into the sadness it emits when are we going to listen to it.
We can distinguish perceived emotions from those that are experienced. Therefore, although Hindi sad ringtones are perceived as sad, listeners actually feel or experience pleasant emotions concurrent with sadness. Hence, listeners can listen
Innovation always produces creativity and mobile ringtones is the best example for this. Ringtones are now easily available in all forms of music based on different themes, culture and mood of the consumer.
There are many old song sad ringtone as well as the new sad ringtones for mobile which are available for free downloading. As well as, users can download sad mp3 ringtones.
While experiencing sadness we may feel unpleasant, it may also be somewhat pleasant when experienced in the context of art. Like when listening to very sad ringtones.
One can download old song sad ringtones and some very sad ringtones for free.
Are Sad Songs Really Sad?
SADNESS is an emotion or a feeling we usually try to avoid. So ever thought, why do we choose to listen to sad music?
Music has that unique ability to help you express complicated, deep emotions. Emotions that are often hard to access on your own, which may be part of the reason we like sad music so much, and why these songs can be so dang cathartic to listen to.
Music can be relatively be compared to a powerful drug. If empathy lies at the core of transforming this “drug” into pleasure or pain, could we use music itself to train people to be more empathetic?
Music therapy is commonly used to rehabilitate people with emotional disorders, such as depression and low self-esteem.
While understanding the emotional transformations induced by sad music could certainly help us to understand how musical interventions could be used for those suffering from emotional disorders.
Allowing yourself to be immersed in a musical journey of tragedy, and sorrow may be just what your social mind craves and needs to keep in shape.
What's more, according to new research, apparently a lot of pop music these days is getting sadder as a whole, and, well, it kind of makes sense.
There are Hindi sad ringtones available without any cost to be paid and listeners even get a chance to choose from a wide variety of songs available.
In our day to day life we typically experience emotions that have a direct connection to whatever object or situation gives rise to them. But when we listen to sad songs (or watch sad movies), we are not personally introduced to any real threat or danger that the sad music (or sad movies) represents.
Why we love Sad Songs?
While listening to music, we tend to anticipate what is coming next. A listener's expectation would be confirmed only if the predicted sound was completely heard and which would evoke positive emotion (i.e. “sweet anticipation”).
Therefore, even if listeners experience sadness when listening to sad music, this sweet anticipation allows them to feel positive emotions simultaneously. Apparently, the pleasant experience would have arisen as a consequence of sweet anticipation.
When we tend to listen music, being in a listening situation is obvious to us. Therefore, how emotion is evoked would be influenced by our understanding the appraisal of listening to music.
Consider an example wherein, a cognitive appraisal of listening to sad music as engagement with art would promote positive emotion, regardless of whether that music evoked feelings of unpleasant sadness, thereby provoking the experience of contradictory emotions in response to sad music.
It is fairly possible that we initially experience negative emotion, such as sadness, and subsequently experience positive emotion because of the rewarding effects of enjoying art.
The phenomenon of enjoyment in listening to sad music.
Sad Songs raise Empathic Emotions
We consider musically evoked emotions vicarious, as we are not threatened when we experience it. In this way, that we can be during experiencing emotion in our daily life.
When we listen to sad songs, we experience vicarious sadness.
Listening to sad music evokes ambivalent emotions: both positive and negative relationships. With regard to felt emotion, sad music evokes both tragic and romantic emotions in the listeners.
Romantic sentiments include emotions such as feeling fascinated, dear, and in love, and it would be appropriate to regard these emotions as pleasant rather than unpleasant.
Therefore, when we are listening to sad music, it would appear that people experience ambivalent emotion. 
The key to the enjoyment is not only the ability to empathize with the sad emotions expressed by the music, but also the ability to self-regulate and distance oneself from this process.
This specific component of empathy can be called as “Empathic concern”.
While empathizing means responding to somebody’s perceived emotion by experiencing a similar feeling, empathetic concern means also feeling tenderness, compassion, and sympathy for them.
Does watching Sad Movies makes you happier?
Films can awe us, inspire us, scare us and make us laugh. But few things are as a satisfying watch as a movie that makes us cry.
Isn’t this a little weird that people pay money to watch other people endure tragedy after tragedy on the big screen?
A lot many things go on in our brain when we watch sad, emotional, or tragic films. Adding more to that what’s more surprising is that a lot of this brain activity actually promotes feeling of happiness, contentment, closeness in our relationships, and a sense of community.
Sad movies allow us to confront very real, and deeply sad feelings in a safe, and protected environment. They also allow us to confront real issues of our lives by experiencing ‘reality’. Although, in a safe distance on the screen but our emotional responses feel real.
In different words, sad movies offer viewers an outsider’s perspective, which can help combat their unresolved traumas, issues and adversities.
Perhaps this truth is similar to the desire to observe resiliency from afar. The characters’ coping strategies could very well foster and encourage one's inner strength to shine through, too.
Recent neuropsychological studies indicate that traumatic films can have a positive effect on our mind. These movies not only promote empathy. But also make us more tolerant with pain and can also generate a feeling of happiness and satisfaction with life.
Paradox of Enjoying Sad Movies
A research found that on a basic level, our brains are able to process the initial plot and storyline of a film in similar ways.
After that, the ways our brains process information related to the connected emotional aspects of the film becomes pretty individualized.
Watching sad movies prompts us to get reflective and feel grateful for the ways our lives and relationships are better than those of the characters on screen going through a trauma.
The emotional connection that is triggered from tragedies allows the viewers to appreciate the close relationships with the people related in their own lives. In other words, people seem to use tragedies as a way to reflect on the important relationships in their own life and to count their blessings.
And, interestingly enough, those who encountered sadness while watching the movie still received a boost of happiness in the aftermath due to this immense gratitude.
The key lies in the fact that tragedy triggers the production of endorphins. In fact, it is interesting that our brain doesn’t make a big distinction between physical and emotional pain.
The area responsible for the development of physical pain is the same that also produce psychological pain. Therefore, sad movies cause increased production of endorphins in the brain, which helped us to better endure pain.
Moreover, endorphins also make us feel better, help us relieve stress and promote a state of tranquility and happiness.
So, next time when you’re in the mood for a good cry, select the sad film of your choice. You can also download sad ringtones which can help you feel, confront and let you acknowledge your treasured relationships. 
Thus, a wide variety of sad song ringtone female for mobile, available to the listeners. Wherein, they can download sad mp3 ringtones for mobile.
Sad instrumental ringtones are also available for the targeted audience. You can download sad ringtones as per your choices.

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