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Leja Re- Punjabi Ringtone
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NIRA ISHQ- Punjabi Ringtone
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Diljit Dosanjh Raat Di Gedi- Punjabi Ringtone
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Udaarian- Punjabi Ringtone
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Ki aah Gucci Armani Wakhra Swag- Punjabi Ringtone
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Dooriyan wadh gaiyan Guri- Punjabi Ringtone
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Kalesh Song- Punjabi Ringtone
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Dil mera vi karda ae chhad da AADAT- Punjabi Ringtone
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Ikk Vaari Hor Soch Le- Punjabi Ringtone
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Laembadgini- Punjabi Ringtone
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Dil Tutda- Punjabi Ringtone
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Ho raat di gedi gal risk di- Punjabi Ringtone
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Yaar Beli- Punjabi Ringtone
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ISHARE TERE- Punjabi Ringtone
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Main tenu chaunda ho- Punjabi Ringtone
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Taare Aatish- Punjabi Ringtone
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latest punjabi song- Punjabi Ringtone
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Yeh Teri meri Leja Re- Punjabi Ringtone
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Zindagi Akhil- Punjabi Ringtone
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Oho daddy ji de cash utte kare jaave aish- Punjabi Ringtone
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Deewana jeha kar mainu chaddeya- Punjabi Ringtone
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Bewafa tu, bewafa tu- Punjabi Ringtone
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Zindagi De Ditte Tainu Saare Hakk ve- Punjabi Ringtone
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She Dont Know Millind Gaba Song Shabby New Songs Latest Hindi Songs- Punjabi Ringtone
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Mere te haq tera Zindagi- Punjabi Ringtone
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Tu vaada kita si ke- Punjabi Ringtone
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Akhiyan Ch Har Wele Tera Mukh Ve Soch- Punjabi Ringtone
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Gani- Punjabi Ringtone
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Veervaar Sardaarji- Punjabi Ringtone
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Tu aakhri umeed meri- Punjabi Ringtone
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Music Of Punjab: Peppy Punjabi Ringtones

Not only Indians, but NRIs are also lapping up Punjabi Ringtones, ringing in the Moolah for digital rights holder. Demand is picking up from the Middle-East and neighboring countries, after making waves in the US, UK and Canada.
Punjabi ringtones are downloaded in large numbers by dozens of residents in UK and Canada. The market for devotional songs is slowly picking up too.
New Punjabi songs in recent years have entered mainstream Indian culture, as well as in the UK and U.S., and its inclusion in Bollywood songs.
Popular tunes are rubbing shoulder with melodies by Rabbi Shergill or AR Rahman, with a niche demand for old classics by famous singers.
Punjabi music listeners can download peppy Punjabi songs searching through a lot of free ringtones available for download.
Folk music of Punjab is the form of traditional music of Punjab. And, it is beautifully created using various traditional musical instruments like Algoze, Dhadd, Sarangi, Chimta, Tumbi and more. There is different variety of folk songs for every occasion from birth to death including marriage, festivals, fairs and religious ceremonies.
Folk music is often considered as the traditional music of Punjab. It typically has communal authorship. And is widely used as a modern tool and a way of locating identification.
Sufi music comprises the singing of Sufi poetry in several genres.
Many pop stars of yesteryear took Punjabi language to their second language, Hindi, while pursuing their singing career. Most Punjabi singers stuck to their native language. As a result, Punjabi song ringtones are listener’s first choice when it comes to selecting from latest Punjabi music.
Punjabi Music: Home to India's Biggest non-film music industry
The Land of Five Rivers is overflowing with artistes and music labels, all vying for vitality, stardom and revenues.
The rise and fall of singers, music videos with lavish production budgets that amass hundreds of millions of views on YouTube, new sensations are born virtually overnight, the overhang of drugs, guns and violence, and the thrill of taste-making Punjab listens today to what India will hear tomorrow can all get overwhelming.
These are the heady days in Punjabi Music industry and Mohali is where the major action is. It’s a veritable and ever growing music factory. Some 20 songs are written, composed, recorded and released there every day, by some reckoning.
Don't miss listening and grooving on latest Punjabi songs. There are many options available for Punjabi ringtone download. Also, check out the loads of free music ringtones variety available for download of various Punjabi singers.
Punjabi Geet is highly praised by the listeners. And, beautifully written form of Punjabi music to give joys to the listeners. Sikhs are quite energetic people as when it comes to moving on 'Bhangra'. Punjabi ringtones are at a boom when it comes to people choosing Punjabi ringtone download.
Rise in Popularity of Punjabi Music
The ever growing rise of Punjabi music is a result of several factors. The state has a long-standing tradition of music and live performance. The massive, and huge Punjabi Diaspora grown drastically overseas, now brought closer by digital distribution, is a big market for online sales, and live shows. Producers of Punjabi origin who grew up in cities such as London or Toronto brought back a distinct quality and production sensibility to the state.
And if we talk about Bollywood, which is deeply influenced by Punjabi culture, now just can’t get enough of Punjabi songs. Every other Bollywood movie has this peppy Punjabi song that get all the listeners and movie viewers go awe to.
There was a time when things were not so frenetic, but which nonetheless laid the foundations for today’s success, this industry is getting greeted with. If we remember the time of ’80s when Jalandhar was the hub of Punjabi media, and artistes who performed on DD Punjabi’s prime time show Lishkara, were declared superstars the following day. “That’s where Gurdas Maanji sang his breakthrough song ‘Mamla gadbad hai’ for the first time,” and since then there have been no coming back for Punjabi music industry and its singers.
Also, to mention the ’90s music, when Gurdas Maan came to a village to perform a show, the entire community left everything behind to attend en masse.
Therefore, we can conclude that music has always, always been a big part of Punjab’s culture and history. It is through Punjabi folk music that poets have narrated love ballads of Heer-Ranjha and Sohni-Mahiwal, Mirza-Sahiba and Sassi-Punhoon. Several musical instruments like Tumbi, Algoze, Dhadd and Chimta are unique to Punjab.
Punjabi ringtones admirer can scroll through number of free ringtones options available. Also, can search for numerous Punjabi song mp3 download for other alternatives to get the grooving the latest Punjabi music on their mobile phone.
Bollywood's Punjabi Fixation
Different occasions need different kinds of songs when it comes to Sikhs. You sing suhag to express the bittersweet feelings associated with a wedding, tappe to celebrate Lohri and Baisakhi, and boliyan to sing while doing gidda, a Punjabi dance form. Then, there’s the Sufi Punjabi music, the Bhangra, and the most commercial of them all Punjabi pop. There is a song for every occasion here.
Punjabi Geet has a drastic impact on music industry. All kinds of new Punjabi ringtones are readily available as soon as the related Punjabi songs are released. Punjabi ringtone mp3 are quite famous when it comes to free music ringtones.
Bollywood, the dominant player in the Indian music scene, has always had a Punjabi influence in its song and dance routine; largely courtesy Yash Raj Films and Dharma Productions, both run by Punjabi families, the Chopras and the Johars. It has made the mainstream audience who listens to this form of music associate dancing with it. Thus, Punjabi songs started playing at weddings, parties and discotheques around the country.
While shaking a leg to new Punjabi songs, what many didn’t realize was how the Punjabi ringtones were slowly beginning to rival Bollywood’s own tempo.
And there’s more to this mammoth than just Bollywood’s over reliance on its tunes. Punjabi's and Sikh love their native origin music and prefer it over any other language music. There was a time in the late ’90s and early 2000s when a car passing on any road in Punjab playing Hindi music would be met with a judgmental scowl. Gurpreet Singh Bhasin, founder of artiste management company One Digital Entertainment, has seen this play out in his hometown Chandigarh.
Punjabi songs and Punjabi Ringtones are not only favorite to Sikh people but attracting listeners from the rest of the country and cross boundary as well.
Desi Ringtones create Dhoom abroad
Punjabi music is booming in many countries. And, especially in Canada as touring musicians claim their business in the maple countries have gone up by 60 to 80 per cent in the last two to three years.
While Punjabi music dominates the market in the UK and Dubai, but its success in Canada is unprecedented. Many like rapper Raftaar attribute the growing population of Indians in Canada to the increasing popularity of the genre.
"Most Punjabis go to Canada anyway as compared to other countries, and in the past two to three years, there have been an increase in Punjabi population in Canada, which is also evident from the fact that the number of Punjabi people that are there in the Prime Minister Justine Trudeau’s cabinet," he says.
Thus, leading to the lots of demand for the Punjabi song mp3 download and various Punjabi song ringtone.
Folk hop artiste Jaz Dhami is all praise for Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau for his contribution towards Indian culture.
"It's great what Trudeau has done. He is promoting Indian culture and Punjabi music, by extension which has a great following. He is one such leader who very well understands the importance of Punjabi music in his country's music space."
Singer Dilbagh Singh believes that it's folk style Punjabi language music that works best in Canada. "A lot of Punjabi peoples to have shifted to Canada, and the older generation wants the younger ones to know about the Indian culture through music, hence the demand for folk numbers have increased," says Singh.
Punjabi songs have gained a large following with time and so is the demand for the Punjabi ringtone mp3.
Punjabi Ringtones day by day gaining more popularity?
It is believed that the growing popularity of the Punjabi music on social media and other platforms like YouTube has contributed to this boom. "Earlier, people who were living abroad would get to listen to a Punjabi song only if it was extremely popular in India, and was shown on TV or if someone you knew was travelling and would get a copy of the song along for you. But now, if you upload the video/soundtrack in the morning, you can hear it anywhere in the world in five minutes," he says.
Firstly, the number of Indians have increased so much in Canada that there are now just two communities: Canadians and Indians (primarily north Indians, which comprise mostly Punjabis or Sikh).
That's another reason why not only Punjabi music but the whole culture is getting popular, adds Singh. 
Is it the incorporation of rap that has given Punjabi music its global boost?
"People in India are now getting more familiar with rap music, So it's natural for it to become a part of Punjabi music as well," says Jaz Dhami, folk hop artiste. 
Phone ringtones free download is easily available as well as Punjabi geets from famous Punjabi singers.
Punjabi ringtones have a huge fan base. Sikh people are one of the huge admirers of the soulful music this industry has to offer. Free ringtones are available for the listeners and for those who wish to look for Punjabi song mp3 download.
People who understand Hindi find it easy to grasp Punjabi, which can’t be said for many other regional languages and, therefore, their music.
The evolution of Punjabi music happened from 2012 onward, when people like Honey Singh came into the scene.
Free music ringtones of different singers are available for download. Ringtones download free option is available for the listeners looking for some great phone ringtones free download.
Punjabi Ringtones: Melodies worth listening
"If you ever go to Punjab, you'll notice that Punjabi folk is still a thriving business. We need some more platforms like Coke Studio and Unplugged to get audiences more educated and aware of Punjabi music, and not just Bollywood."
When, it comes to rap what matters are the lyrics. For a rap song to work, the lyrics need to connect with the younger generation. 
Punjabi songs are many a time recreated in Bollywood films to add hip-hop and rap tunes. The basic idea is to get the 6-7 million fan base of a singer and add that value to a film’s soundtrack.
With pep, bounce and bling, Punjabi music is winning loads of hearts across India and overseas. It is powered by the data revolution, streaming audio and deep influence of Punjabi culture on Bollywood.
However, streaming of and fan base of Punjabi music is growing faster than that of Hindi music.
Some People strongly believe that Punjabis or Sikhs are blessed to have such a rich music culture.
“Punjabi, as in language, is peppy, bouncy and resonates very well with music," said Manmeet Singh of Meet Bros, the music director duo.
New Punjabi ringtones are first choice when it comes to ringtones download free with peppy music. Phone ringtones free availability has given a boost to the much hyped love for Punjabi ringtones.
In India the numbers range between 200,000 and 225,000 downloads a day for mono and 35-40,000 a day for poly/true tones.
Punjabi music and its consumption have grown by 5X in the last one year. “Today, Punjabi music comprises a fifth of the overall music consumption.”
The Punjabi music industry is way further strengthened by its fans in and outside of India. There are more than 130 million native speakers of Punjabi all over the world.
Sikh people not only groove to the new Punjabi ringtones but also feel connected to the beats of the music. Punjabi ringtone download options have given them a chance to stay close to their preferred music genre.

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