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Akshay Kumar: ‘I have applied for Indian citizenship and I will soon be getting my passport’

Akshay Kumar, Popularly known as Khiladi Kumar of bollywood, is
one of the most versatile actors of Hindi film industry. He is one
actor, whose performances are always highly rated and this makes
him to be one of the most loved actors of bollywood film industry.
Akshay has been associated with few organizations that work for
various social causes. But he has been the prime victim of media
when it comes to citizenship. It was noticed a few years back that
Akshay is having a citizenship of the country Canada. As a result he
was trolled heavily on social media by the critics.

Akshay Kumar is popularly known for his patriotic films that he
recently has gifted his fans. But he was trolled heavily for not having
the citizenship of India. He even did not vote during the 2019 Lok
Sabha Elections this year. So critics often argue that he should not
hail patriotism or similar kind of things as he himself does not belong
to India. After the elections he had to reveal that he did not have a
citizenship of India for why he did not vote in 2019 elections. He
made it clear that he had a Canadian passport.

Recently at the 17 th Hindustan Times Leadership Summit in Delhi,
Akshay opened up on the matter of citizenship like never before.
Akshay went for a promotion of his upcoming film “Good Newwz’
along with his co star Kareena Kapoor to this event. There, he cleared
everything regarding the citizenship matter. Replying to a question
about having a Canadian citizenship, Akshay recalled the time when
14 of his films got flopped at the box office. Then he thought he had
to go for something else other than the acting. He assumed his acting
career to be finished at that time.

Akshay then called up his Indian friend who was staying in Canada.
His friend asked him to come to his place so that they together can
do something else. It was the time when Akshay had gone for a
Canadian passport to start working there. He said he took this
decision with a fear that his bollywood career perhaps got ended.
Then luck suddenly turned to Akshay’s side and his 15 th film was a
super hit. He said that he never looked back from that day. And he
never thought about changing his passport. But now people are
talking much about his citizenship for why he has applied for this. He
further said that he has to show the passport as a proof of him being
an Indian and he will definitely do it.

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