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Why does Akshay Kumar Choose ‘Good Newzz’ over a big budget movie? Karan Johar has to say something on this

Akshay Kumar is well known for his choice of scripts. He always supports or backs the newcomer directors, for why he is so successful in bollywood film Industry. According to Akshay, if the script is good and appealing to him then he never bothers whether the director has a big name or not. He always looks for a good content. Recently something happened, which is adding more proof to this.

Few days back the trailer of Akshay’s new Rom-Com  ‘Good Newwz’ has been released. ‘Good Newwz’ is a Dharma production film in which Akshay is sharing the screen space with kareena Kapoor Khan, Diljit Dosanjh and Kiara Advani. As per the trailer this comedy flick seems to be based on surrogacy concept. The trailer is well appreciated by fans. The energy level that all the actors are possessing on the screen is just incredible.

Recently Karan johar talked about how Akshay Kumar came on board for ‘Good Newwz’. Karan recalled the memory and said that He has a big budget movie that he wanted to offer Akshay. But Akshay went for ‘Good Newwz’ after karan narrated the story to him. Karan went on praising Akshay as he was the only star who never hesitated of doing projects with the first time directors. Akshay never looks for grandeur; rather he chooses quality of script over a big budget film. Karan also revealed why he did not planned ‘Good Newwz’ with Akshay. He believed that Akshay is a mega star and he should collaborate with him only on a big project. Karan further added that he was always fascinated by Hrishikesh Mukherji films. But Dharma productions have never made such light hearted comedy films ever. But it did happen with ‘Good Newwz’.

Akshay also recalled the ‘Good Newwz’ memories about how he came on board. He said that Karan was doing a small budget film and he thought he should be doing this film. He dropped the plan for the big budget project that Karan had planned exclusively for Akshay. Kareena Kapoor talked about her experience of joining the crew of ‘Good Newwz’. She said she immediately said yes to the film when she heard the script.  ‘Good Newwz’ has been directed by Raj Mehta scheduled to hit the theatres on December 27, 2019.

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