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Movies, also known as films, are a type of visual communication which uses different aspects like moving pictures, dialogues, sound tracks, animations, special effects to tell stories or convey message to audience. Movies are most popular mode of entertainment, a way to have fun. Movies take audience to different zone - making them laugh, cry, or feel afraid. Movies are very powerful mode for communicating message to mass.

Tumsa Nahin Dekha is a Bollywood movie released in year 2004. Release date of Tumsa Nahin Dekha movie is 24-September-2004. This movie belongs to Musical | Romance genre. Anurag Basu was director of Tumsa Nahin Dekha movie.

Any Movie is produced by efforts of various experts including writer, singer, editor, screenplay writer, dialogue writer, choreographer, director etc. Starcast of Tumsa Nahin Dekha film includes Emraan Hashmi, Dia Mirza, Anupam Kher, Sharat Saxena.

Also many other experts contributed in production of this Tumsa Nahin Dekha Film which includes Subodh Chopra.


Details/Plot of Tumsa Nahin Dekha Movie

Daksh Mittal (Emraan Hashmi) is a charming and continually drunk millionaire. One day, he sees a girl, Jia (Dia Mirza), on the street and falls madly in love with her.He even kisses Jia in the street. Jia is working as a striptease dancer and has a mentally handicapped brother (Atul Parchure). Daksh and Jia spend some time with each other and fall in love. Daksh, however, is supposed to marry the rich Anhaita Madhwani (Pooja Bharti) in order to inherit a million-dollar trust. For help, Daksh turns to his butler, John Uncle (Anupam Kher). John Uncle likes Daksh to end up with Jia very much, however, John is very ill and finally gets transmitted to hospital. The engagement party for Daksh and Anhaita is taking place and John Uncle manages to convince Jia to go to the party. Daksh and Jia dance, and meanwhile, John Uncle is dying at the hospital. Daksh decides to honour John Uncle's memory and goes to propose to Jia - she accepts and after a final clash with the family, Daksh is allowed to marry her and they live happily ever after.

Aaj Lagta Hai

From Movie: Tumsa Nahin Dekha

Kyo Chain Mera Ab

From Movie: Tumsa Nahin Dekha

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