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Movies, also known as films, are a type of visual communication which uses different aspects like moving pictures, dialogues, sound tracks, animations, special effects to tell stories or convey message to audience. Movies are most popular mode of entertainment, a way to have fun. Movies take audience to different zone - making them laugh, cry, or feel afraid. Movies are very powerful mode for communicating message to mass.

Raftaar is a Bollywood movie released in year 1975. Release date of Raftaar movie is 01-January-1975. This movie belongs to Drama genre. Ramesh Puri was director of Raftaar movie.

Any Movie is produced by efforts of various experts including writer, singer, editor, screenplay writer, dialogue writer, choreographer, director etc. Starcast of Raftaar film includes Vinod Mehra, Moushumi Chatterjee, Danny Denzongpa, Arpana Choudhary, Ranjeet.

Also many other experts contributed in production of this Raftaar Film which includes Ramesh Puri.


Details/Plot of Raftaar Movie

City-based Vikram is hired as a Manager by Kumar, a wealthy businessman, and asked to report for duty to a distant town in rural India. Vikram arrives there and carries out his duties. He meets with pretty village belle Rani, and both fall in love with each other. When Kumar arrives for an inspection, he finds everything satisfactory, and asks Vikram to run an errand for him out of town. A few days later, Kumar comes to know that Vikram has been arrested by the police, found guilty by the courts, and sentenced to a year in jail. A year later when Vikram is released he finds that Rani is missing, and believed to be dead. A devastated Vikram attempts to try and put his life together when some hoodlums attack him - with a view to kill him. Vikram escapes, but is seriously wounded, and is looked after by a band of gypsies. After Vikram recovers, he re-locates to the city together with a woman named Radha and her child, in order to help her find her missing husband. It is then he comes across Rani and Kumar. But this time Rani claims that she is Rita, and has nothing to do with him. Vikram must now get to the bottom of this mystery and find out if Rani really is deceased, and if not, then who exactly is Rita, and what is her relationship with Kumar?

Loota Hai Tune Mujhe

From Movie: Raftaar

Main Teri Heer Hoon

From Movie: Raftaar

Nari Jeevan Bhi Kya Jeevan

From Movie: Raftaar

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