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Movies, also known as films, are a type of visual communication which uses different aspects like moving pictures, dialogues, sound tracks, animations, special effects to tell stories or convey message to audience. Movies are most popular mode of entertainment, a way to have fun. Movies take audience to different zone - making them laugh, cry, or feel afraid. Movies are very powerful mode for communicating message to mass.

Shri Krishna Leela is a Bollywood movie released in year 1971. Release date of Shri Krishna Leela movie is 15-January-1971. This movie belongs to Adventure | Comedy | Drama genre. Homi Wadia was director of Shri Krishna Leela movie.

Any Movie is produced by efforts of various experts including writer, singer, editor, screenplay writer, dialogue writer, choreographer, director etc. Starcast of Shri Krishna Leela film includes Sachin Pilgaonkar, Heena Kumari, Manhar Desai, Ratnam, Deepak, Tabassum, Sapru, Jayashree Gadkar.

Also many other experts contributed in production of this Shri Krishna Leela Film which includes S N Tripathi.


Details/Plot of Shri Krishna Leela Movie

Raja Kansa (Sapru) has been told by an oracle that he will be killed by the eighth male child born to his sister Devaki (Padmarani). He has Devaki and her husband Vasudeva imprisoned and kills off all the children born to them. When the eighth child, a boy, is born Vasudev manages to leave him with Nanda and Yashoda, who become his foster parents. The film shows some miracles with the ogress and serpents. It also focuses on Radha (an older married woman) and Krishna's love story. The film ends with a wrestling match between the boy Krishna and a wrestler, which Krishna wins, and his killing of Raja Kansa. Krishna frees his parents from the prison.

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From Movie: Shri Krishna Leela

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Naari Ek Doosri Dharti Aur Tisari Gaiya

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