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Movies, also known as films, are a type of visual communication which uses different aspects like moving pictures, dialogues, sound tracks, animations, special effects to tell stories or convey message to audience. Movies are most popular mode of entertainment, a way to have fun. Movies take audience to different zone - making them laugh, cry, or feel afraid. Movies are very powerful mode for communicating message to mass.

Chandan Ka Palna is a Bollywood movie released in year 1967. This movie belongs to drama genre. Ismail Memon was director of Chandan Ka Palna movie.

Any Movie is produced by efforts of various experts including writer, singer, editor, screenplay writer, dialogue writer, choreographer, director etc. Starcast of Chandan Ka Palna film includes Dharmendra, Meena Kumari, Mehmood, Durga Khote, Mukri, Nasir Husain, Asit Sen, Mumtaz, Dhumal, Abhi Bhattacharya.

Also many other experts contributed in production of this Chandan Ka Palna Film which includes Ismail Memon.


Details/Plot of Chandan Ka Palna Movie

Ajit lives with his mother, and comes from a very wealthy family. He meets with beautiful Shobha and both fall in love with each other. Ajit's mom is delighted and agrees to meet with Harikishan Rai, Shobha's father, to finalize their marriage. The marriage takes place with great pomp and ceremony. A few years later, Ajit notices a change in Shobha's behavior. She changes her lifestyle, adopts a more liberal outlook, takes to drinking alcohol, and has an hair-cut. Ajit and his mom are perplexed and appalled at this change, and want to find out, but Shobha refuses to tell them anything. One day, Shobha and Ajit's mom have an argument, and Shobha angrily lifts up her hand to slap her, only to be stopped by Ajit, who asks Shobha to leave immediately. Shobha leaves and returns to her father's house, leaving Ajit and his mother behind wondering what had changed Shobha so much, and whether to get Ajit married a second time or not.

Baat Karte Ho Baat Karna Nahi Aata

From Movie: Chandan Ka Palna

Kis Karan Kamini Sharmaye

From Movie: Chandan Ka Palna

Mastana Hoye parwana Hoye

From Movie: Chandan Ka Palna

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