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Me Pan Sachin Anthem- Marathi Ringtone
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Jinkanyachi Aas Jajbaha Khas- Marathi Ringtone
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Avati Bhavti Chawat Bhunge- Marathi Ringtone
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Rise and Fall- Marathi Ringtone
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Korangu Pattu- Marathi Ringtone
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Chhand Gaavla- Marathi Ringtone
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Shri Gajanan Maharajanchi- Marathi Ringtone
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Murti Shendreachi- Marathi Ringtone
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Hi Navri Asli- Marathi Ringtone
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Jhe Pori Tu Chibori Jhakunashi- Marathi Ringtone
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Marathi music- The true essence of Maharashtra
Maharashtra, the soul of our country, is a state in west-central India. The international recognition of the state Maharashtra is specially known for its capital Mumbai. The bewitching, and scenic sea beaches, the bollywood film industry and the fastest growing industries in Mumbai comprise the state Maharashtra. Maharashtra, the most industrialised and urbanised state of India has the largest economy in the country. Maharashtra is popular for its history of Maratha worriers. Another important thing that holds the recognition of Maharashtra is its scintillating music that is called Marathi music. In Maharashtra, the mother tongue is basically known as Marathi. Marathi is an Indo-Aryan language spoken officially in Maharashtra and co-officially in Goa. Marathi language has its own charm. You may find instances of Marathi language in Hindi serials and Hindi movies. Hence, the authentic music of Maharashtra is called Marathi music. You can smell the fragrance of Maharashtra and genuineness of Marathi language in Marathi music.
Marathi songs are nowadays getting so much popularity not only in Maharashtra, but in other parts of India as well. You can easily find instances of Marathi songs in various dances reality shows. The contestants are tapping their feet on the captivating tunes of Marathi songs. In Hindi serials also Marathi songs are seen as used in different situations depending on the requirement. Some Marathi songs are so popular that the Bollywood film industry is recreating their Hindi versions. So in simple terms we can say that the acknowledgment of Maharashtra is also due to its fine music that is Marathi music (Marathi songs).
Marathi Ringtones-Creating boom among the users
Marathi songs are not so far behind in the race of popularity. Indian music is largely dominated by the Hindi songs. Never the less Marathi songs are also everyone’s favourite nowadays. They are high in demand and capturing every field of music. As far as ringtones are concerned, Marathi ringtones are a new craze these days besides the popularity of bollywood songs. Not only in Maharashtra, but in several parts of India also, Marathi ringtones are largely downloaded by the users. The uniqueness of Marathi songs (Marathi ringtones) is the reason for why people are going crazy over them. Marathi ringtones are gaining popularity all over India because Marathi language rank third in India as far as the number of speakers are concerned.
Marathi songs are considered the pride of all Marathas as they are holding their firm grip on everyone’s heart. That’s why Marathi ringtones are so much accepted in contemporary world of music. The increasing popularity of Marathi songs over the years is the reason Marathi ringtones are widely accepted. Hindi movies like Singham and Simba used Marathi language in most of their script. You can also find a lot of Hindi songs using Marathi language in the lyrics. So basically they are more like a Marathi song. This shows the wide use and popularity of Marathi language. Hence, Marathi ringtones are not less popular than the Hindi songs.

What are the main types of Marathi Ringtones?
If you want to download Marathi ringtones, then you must have a good knowledge of Marathi mp3 songs. You can easily access to Marathi mp3 songs on internet. Now you may have a question that, “how many types of Marathi ringtones are found generally?”. So, let us find out an answer to it. This will be easy if we discuss the contribution of Marathas in various fields like movies, culture and music. So, let us do a review of Marathi culture, literature, and music to get the clear view of the Marathi mp3 songs and ringtones.

  • First of all, we can find ringtones based on Marathi batmya (In Marathi batmya literally means news). Doordarshan news read in Marathi language is called as Marathi batmya. If you go through the history of Doordarshan news, then you will find a prevalent tone in the starting of the news. That music is really irreplaceable. It is so unique that it has left the listeners with a pleasant memory. How everybody could identify from a distance that the news started by just listening to that exceptionally unforgettable tone. So this tone is exactly same for other regional news channels. Hence, Marathi batmya has the same tone which you can find as Marathi batmya ringtone. So if you are a big fan of that ringtone you can find it easily on internet.


  • Secondly you can choose among the large variety of Marathi ringtones taken from theMarathi movies (popularly known as ‘Marathi chitrapat’ in Maharashtrian language). Marathi chitrapat or movie, one of the pioneers film industries of India, is considered as the oldest one. Marathi movies are growing so fast, and they also tax-free which is a unique feature indeed. The first full length movie of India ‘Raja Harishchandra’ was a Marathi chitrapat and was directed by Dadasaheb Falke, after whose name Dadasaheb Falke award is being given. Marathi mp3 songs are really enchanting and are an important part of Marathi films. So, you can select ringtones from the various famous Marathi movies by just accessing the internet.
  • Marathi Lavani is the combination of both song and dance. It is the popular genre of music of Maharashtra. Marathi film industry has given us many breath taking Marathi Lavani songs. To everybody’s surprise they are the chart busters these days. Even we have witnessed the popularity of Maratha Lavani songs over other bollywood songs. These days Marathi Lavani is the preferred song for all the stage performers and reality show contestants. Even in the famous movie “Bajirao Mastani” you will find one famous song inspired by Marathi Lavani. So ringtones based on Lavani is called Marathi Lavani ringtones which is a must have to be on your mobile. You can use this ringtone to create some uniqueness.


  • The popular Marathi gani (or gaani) is the other name of songs in Marathi. The various Marathi gani include Marathi folk songs, romantic songs and Marathi Chitrapat (movie) songs. You can find these in the form of Marathi mp3 songs. And you can choose them as ringtones. These days Marathi chitrapat is gaining positive reviews all over India and film makers are making Hindi remakes of Marathi chitrapat. Hence, this ensures the huge demand of Marathi ringtones taken from the Marathi movies.
  • Bhajans are genuinely known as the devotional songs. Imagine you wake up in the morning and tune in to the spiritual and devotional songs (Bhajans). You will definitely feel the positive vibes throughout the day after starting your day with devotional songs. Hence, Marathi bhajans are really heart soothing in nature. You can choose Bhajans in Marathi language as your ringtone just to feel spiritually connected to the almighty. These days not only aged persons but also people from different age groups are choosing Bhajans as their ringtones because it surely leaves a positive impact on the heart and mind of the listener. Hence, choosing your ringtone from the huge section of Marathi bhajans will be great. You can find Marathi Bhajans sung by the melody queen Lata Mangeshkar and other famous singers which will be like a ‘cherry on the top’. The sweet melodious voice of our legendary singers will add extra awesomeness to the devotional Marathi ringtones.


  • Marathi kavita (or Marathi poems) are the poetry written in Marathi Language. Marathi poems have their own grace and demand among people. You can find Marathi kavita in different forms like Prem kavita (love songs), Virah kavita (separation poems), Matri kavita (friendship poems), Vinod kavita (entertainment poems), Shrungarik kavita (poems related to love and luxury) and Vidamban kavita (hesitation poems) etc. These days you can find Marathi poems or Marathi Kavita as Marathi mp3 ringtones. So, you can add a sense of exception and uniqueness through setting your ringtone with the Marathi Kavita (Marathi poems). This will benefit you in two ways by adding an inspiration through the words and creating that special and unusual impression on the listener.
  • Marathi plays or serials are popularly known Marathi natak. Marathi natak (Marathi serials) these days come with a lot of mp3 songs just like Hindi serials. These songs are as famous as Marathi movie gani (or Marathi movie songs). These are also very melodious and soul captivating in nature. You can easily find these songs in the Marathi mp3 format and in the sub sections of Marathi mp3 songs a category on the internet. In Marathi ringtones category also you can find Marathi serial ringtones section where you have easy access to the ringtones taken from Marathi serials. People these days are very much addicted to watching serials; hence Marathi serial ringtones will be great option for most of the serial watchers. Downloading these songs and setting them as ringtones will be great experience indeed.


  • Shivaji Maharaj (reign 1674-1680 CE) was the warrior king of Marathas and a member of Bhonsle Maratha clan. He was regarded as the pride of marathas as well as of our country India. So it is an obvious fact that you will find Maratha mp3 songs based on Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. The songs named after Shivaji Maharaj and composed on the life and glory of Shivaji Maharaj are known as Shivaji Maharaj mp3 songs. Shivaji Maharaj songs are really motivational, high, and on inspiration. It will be a matter of pride to download Shivaji Maharaj ringtones and setting them on your mobile is really like encouragement. So Shivaji Maharaj ringtones are definitely exceptional in nature that will capture everyone’s attention. They are so popular that you will find a separate section of ringtone Shivaji Maharaj ringtone.
  • Lastly the love songs sung in Maratha language is found in Marathi mp3 songs section as well. You can download romantic love songs in Marathi in the section ringtone Marathi love. You can set mesmerising and pain healing love songs for your beloved ones from the section ringtone Marathi love. We all have special love for the love songs. Most of us would like to keep Marathi romantic songs as our ringtone. Hence, just clicking on the section named ringtone Marathi love.


Based on the internet survey about most searched ringtones, we find that Marathi ringtones are on the queue. Marathi Kavita and Marathi gani have their own popularity and it is increasing day by day among people of various states of India. If you want to download free ringtones in Marathi then, you can search for the free mp3 ringtones section. These days we can easily find and can have access to the free mp3 ringtones even in Marathi Language. The Marathi music lovers can choose from the various sections of Marathi music like Marathi poetry, Marathi gani (song), Marathi natak (serials) songs and Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj ringtones. Besides this Marathi movie ringtones are the best option as far as ringtones are concerned. Popular Lavani songs can be downloaded from the Marathi movie ringtones section. Nowadays some Marathi movie ringtones are spreading their popularity even more than the Hindi movie ringtones. If you have easy access to internet then you can easily download from the free mp3 ringtone category without paying any extra price. The culture of Maharashtra is being reflected through its folk songs, and dance forms like Lavani. The popularity of Lavani is the best instance that proves the authenticity and unlikeness of Marathi culture. Therefore, everybody is recognising the Marathi movies, Marathi songs, and also Marathi ringtones in a huge way. Being the third highest spoken language after Hindi and Bengali, Marathi language has a great hold to people of India. If such scenario continues, then there will be a day when everybody will notice the Marathi music capturing each and everybody’s heart in our country. Marathi movie ringtones are therefore leaving their imprints on our mind and soul up to a great extent. As a regional language, Marathi is so famous among the natives of India that Marathi ringtones will surely contribute in a great way to the Indian music revenue and also to the Indian economy.


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