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Anita Berber was a professional Dancer, Actress, Writer.

Physical health is critical for overall well-being, and can be affected by multiple factors like Lifestyle, diet, level of physical activity etc. Physical appearance of Anita Berber was like this, Eye Colour of Anita Berber - Black, Hair Colour of Anita Berber - Black,

. Relative is a person who is connected with person by blood or marriage. Relations are important for all human beings. Family and relative(s) of Anita Berber includes - Father of Anita Berber - Felix Berber. Husband of Anita Berber - Eberhard von Nathusius. Sebastian Droste. Henri Chatin Hofmann. Mother of Anita Berber - Lucie Berber. Anita Berber was married to Henri Chatin Hofmann..