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♥ Mehmood ♥

Mehmood Photo
Mehmood was a professional Actor, singer, director, producer.

Following are family and relative(s) details of Mehmood:

Brothers of Mehmood

Shaukat Ali
Usman Ali
Subhan Ali
Anwar Ali

Father of Mehmood

Mumtaz Ali

Mother of Mehmood

Latifunnisa Ali

Sisters of Mehmood

Minoo Mumtaz
Khairunnisa Memon
Hussaini Begum
Shano Ali
Zubeida Ali

Wife/Spouse of Mehmood

Madhu Ali
Tracy Ali
Mehmood was married to Tracy Ali..

Debut of Mehmood

1943: Kismet

Awards won by Mehmood

Filmfare Best Comedian Award of Mehmood

1967 Pyar Kiye Jaa – Atma
1970 Waris – Ram Kumar #3/Mother (double role)
1972 Paras – Munna Sarkar
1975 Vardaan

Filmfare Best Supporting Actor Award of Mehmood

1963 Dil Tera Diwana – Anokhe


» Date of Death 23-Jul-2004
» Place of Death - Dunmore, Pennsylvania, U.S
» Did Mehmood smoke?: Yes
» Did Mehmood drink alcohol?: Yes
» As a child, he has worked for films like Kismet in Bombay. So the acting bug caught him early
» He was actress Meena Kumari's brother-in-law. He married her elder sister Madhu, who he later divorced.
» It was only after his marriage with Madhu that he decided to earn a better living and started off with doing small time roles in movies, including Do Bigha Zameen and Pyaasa.
» Mehmood, was an Indian actor, singer, director and producer best known for playing comic roles in Hindi films.
» He worked in over 300 Hindi films
» As a child, he worked in Mumbai films like Kismet. He later had a number of odd jobs,
» He is one of the most respected and loved entertainers in the Indian film fraternity
» One of his sons, Lucky Ali (Maqsood Ali), is a singer and composer who has also appeared on film.
» started in 1954, awards for the best comedian category started only in 1967. Prior to that Mehmood also received 6 nominations for 'Best Supporting Actor'

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