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Bharat Bhushan Photo
Bharat Bhushan was a professional Film Actor. Some of the last movies of Bharat Bhushan were: Aunty No. 1, Aakhri Chetawani, Sheshnaag, Awwal Number, Chandni, Daata, Ilaaka, Jaadugar, Jaisi Karni Waisi Bharni, Ganga Jamuna Sarsawati, Ram Avtar, Jawab Hum Denge, Click here to visit Bharat Bhushan all movies list.

Some of awards won by Bharat Bhushan were - In year 1955, for movie Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, Bharat Bhushan Won Best Actor Filmfare Award.

Physical health is critical for overall well-being, and can be affected by multiple factors like Lifestyle, diet, level of physical activity etc. Physical appearance of Bharat Bhushan was like this, Eye Colour of Bharat Bhushan - Black, Hair Colour of Bharat Bhushan - Black,

. Relative is a person who is connected with person by blood or marriage. Relations are important for all human beings. Family and relative(s) of Bharat Bhushan includes - Brother of Bharat Bhushan - R.Chandra. Father of Bharat Bhushan - Raibahadur Motilal. Wife/Spouse of Bharat Bhushan - Sharadha Bhushan. Ratna Bhushan. Bharat Bhushan was married to Ratna Bhushan..

Debut of Bharat Bhushan

1941: Chitralekha

Bharat Bhushan Ringtones List


From Movie: Prem Qaidi

Arey Logo Zara Dekho

From Movie: Prem Qaidi

Hum Hain Prem Qaidi

From Movie: Prem Qaidi

I Love For You

From Movie: Prem Qaidi

Priyatma O Meri

From Movie: Prem Qaidi

Tere In Galon Pe

From Movie: Prem Qaidi

Bharat Bhushan in filmfare

» In year 1956, for Mirza Ghalib - Bharat Bhushan was nominated under category Best Actor (Mirza Ghalib)

» In year 1955, for Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu - Bharat Bhushan Won Best Actor Award (Chaitanya Mahaprabhu)

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